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Farm Stand

We are a small farm, and only butcher a small numbers of animals a year, so let us know early if you are interested. All meats are subject to availability.
Check out what is on the online store or contact us for more details

Free delivery within 50 km of orders of $50 or more.




Whole chickens, available fresh a few times a year with advanced orders. 4-6lbs 




3-5lb whole rabbits in vacuum packed bags with heart and liver.

beef 2.jpg



30lb  Assorted Beef Package

8-10       Steaks

2-4         Roasts

8-12lbs  Ground Beef

2-4         Ribs

2-4lbs    Stew

beef 2.jpg



For large quantities of a quarter of a cow and up to a full animal.  Price based on hanging weight.  For full and half orders, custom cutting is available with $250 deposit.

beef 2.jpg

Price Sheet


Custom order of assorted cuts available upon request and availability.  Cut and price sheet available upon request.

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