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Forays into Homesteading

I have often sat and had to write a newsletter, blog, letter, and wondered, what should I write about. Many of the things I find exciting or interesting, have bored others to tears. The reading and researching, hanging out in libraries where I have run through the aisles like a kid at a candy store grabbing books upon books about food, gardening, crafting, cooking, animals, some with bright and big pictures, others as sombre as dictionaries. Libraries are something that are vastly underappreciated.

So I like to hope, that no matter how boring or silly some of these posts may seem, there may be a few people like me out there, who love to hear about other peoples' adventures and misadventures in homesteading.

Like my library habits, I am the same at home with my different interests, flitting from one project to the next, driving my partner insane with the little piles of not quite completed crafts. So I know a little about many different ways to waste and enjoy time, and hope to share some here with you.

Here are some of the projects I hope to discuss on this blog, along with recipies and other info about our homesteading.

- Soap Making

- Vermiculture

- Tanning

- Butchery

- Weaving

- Sewing

- Preserving

- Fermenting

- Felting

Just to name a few, so stay tuned for more blatherings of our forays into homesteading.

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